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20th Year Anniversary of Establishment of  World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters

"Tao in Humanity, Harmony Around the Globe"

Date:October 2, 2016 (Sunday)

Time:1:30 pm ~ 5:25 pm

Place:  Shenway Temple, Tian Tai Mount, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

13:30-14:00  Orchestra from Bao Guan Jan Der Group

14:00-14:30  Greeting from Elder and Chairmen of Board

14:30-15:00  Award

15:00-15:20  Orchestra from Bao Guan Chun Zen Group

15:25-15:45  Choir from Ang Dong Group 

15:50-16:10  Orchestra and Choir from Xing Yi Group

16:15-16:35  發一崇德 ??

16:40-17:00  Orchestra from Bao Guan Yu San Group 

17:05-17:25  Orchestra from Bao Guan Jan Der Group

2016/10/1 & 2016/10/2
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