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The Origin and History of I-Kuan Tao


Regarding origin and development of I-Kuan Tao had already been discussed among experts and scholars; Xian Tian Tao founded by Huang De-hui has been regarded the most agreeable perspective. The development of lineage from Wang Jue-Yi, to Liu Qing-Xu, Lu Zhong-Yi, until Zhang Tian-Ran and Sun Su-Zhen is the most recognizable trait for the modern I-Kuan Tao

有關一貫道的起源及其發展,晚近以來學者專家已有諸多的討論,以一貫道淵源於清順治年間( 1 6 4 4 - 1 6 6 1 )黃德輝倡創的「先天道」這一論點,可說是大部份學界的共識。而自王覺一、劉清虛、路中一至張天然、孫素真,則可以說是現代一貫道最為明確的發展軌跡。

Deriving and promoting the tradition of Chinese culture.  I-Kuan Tao also carries the spirit of FuXi, Confucius and Mencius.  Its mission can be summarized as follows:  To venerate Heaven and Earth, to revere the divine beings; to be patriotic and responsible; to be virtuous and courteous; to honor the parents; to value the teachers; to keep faith with friends; to live harmoniously with neighbors; to discard the bad and seek the good; to clarify the Five Relations and the Eight Virtues; to spread the teachings of the Five Religions; to follow the ancient practice of the Four Ethics, the Mainstays and the Constant Virtues; to cleanse the mind and purify the spirit; to utilize the illusory world to cultivate the truth; to restore the nature of one self; to develop the perfection of conscience; to establish oneself and help others in establishment; to achieve goals and help others in achievement; to bring the world into peace; to transform hearts into goodness and to hope for the world of Great Unity.

一貫道自來即以中華文化的傳承與弘揚自任,繼述伏羲聖人以降、至孔孟等先聖的王道精神, 並以 ─「敬天地,禮神明,愛國忠事,敦品崇禮,孝父母,重師尊,信朋友,和鄉鄰,改惡向善,講明五倫八德,闡發五教聖人之奧旨,恪遵四維綱常之古禮,洗心滌慮,借假修真,恢復本性之自然, 啟發良知良能之至善, 己立立人,己達達人,挽世界為清平,化人

The ninth patriarch Huang De-hui founded Xian Tian Tao in 1661, laying a foundation for I-Kuan Tao.  In 1877, the 15th patriarch Wang Jue Yi advocated the Interconnection of the Three Realms of Heaven: Wu-Ji Li Tien (the Ultimate Truth Heaven), Tai-Ji Energy Heaven and Huang-Ji Phenomena Heaven and utilizes them to complete the constitution of Confucius philosophy as I-Kuan Tao’s core teaching.  In 1886, the 16th patriarch Liu Qing Xü officially named the great Tao “I-Kuan Tao”. I-Kuan Tao was steadily progressed under the leadership of the 17th patriarch Lu Zhong-Yi.  Afterward, it was spreaded from China to Taiwan and to the rest of the world by the 18th Patriarch Zhang Tian-Ran and Matriarch Sun Su-Zhen.   The I-Kuan Tao societies spread now over 80 countries around the globe, and its national headquarters had been established in 14 countries.    The I-Kuan Tao International Headquarter was founded in America.

自1 6 6 1 年九祖黃德輝創立「先天道」, 為一貫道奠基。1 8 7 7 年十五祖王覺一倡導無極理天、太極氣天、皇極象天、三極一貫之理,圓熟一貫道以儒為體的義理核心。1 8 8 6 年十六祖劉清虛正式將道名定為「一貫道」,十七祖路中一的穩健弘展,繼而1 9 3 0 年十八祖張天然師尊暨孫素真師母的道場大興革,自中國大陸到臺灣、從臺灣到世界各國、穩健地開展出遍佈世界五大洲八十個國家以上的一貫道道場。並已在十四個國家成立一貫道總會,且在美國成立世界一貫道總會。


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