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Honorable Elder Lee, Yu-Chu's visit


Elder Lee, Yu-Chu was on his way to Pennsylvania, USA.  However, he made a made a mid-stop in Los Angles to show appreciation to the staff who dedicated much efforts on the WITH development, specifically on the website administration and the translation.    On 7/14, while staying in Los Angeles for one day, Elder Lee also had lunched with Master Joseph Jeng-Fu Chen (Chairman of I-Kuan Tao USA), Master Fong-chia Lee (Financial Officer), Master Phoenix Lee (Master-in-charge), Tony Yang (Spanish and Portuguese Translator),  and Joanna Lin (Website Admin).    The luncheon was hosted by Master Tsao Chin Ho (from Xing Yi Der Shing Temple) accompanied by Chen, Tanzu, Lee Tanzou and Zu Tanzou.

Elder Lee brought surprise gifts for each attendee.  The gifts,  brought much joy and cheers to each of the staff, included Lyshan herbal tea, books of Tao, and pineapple cakes specially produced by Chen Tanzu's factory-bakery from Taiwan.     The authentic vegetarian luncheon with Elder Lee was much joyful and full of happiness.   During the lunch, Elder Lee shared with each attendee about future plans and the upcoming events for 2017 and 2018.      His briefing was indeed inspiring and motivating for all.

All the WITH staffs truly appreciate Elder Lee's visit from Taiwan.

Wishing Elder Lee a safe journey on the next stops!

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