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Charitable Giving to the Wildfire Victims in Ventura County, CA on 1/25/2019 

In December 2018, Ventura County, California, experienced the most devastating wildfire in California history.   Many residences lost their sweet homes.   There was one remarkable Firefighter who on the line of duties to protect people's home while his own home was burning on the other side of the hill.     What a remarkable hero!   He thrived to protect others' properties and wealth yet his own property was also suffered from the exact danger of wildfire.  He diligently chose to firefight based on his career-professional training.  The selfless virtue is truly exceptional!

WOAF have already provided assistance to the families who suffered from this tragedy of wildfire.   World I Kuan Tao Headquarter and IKT-USA are honored to provide additional funding thru WOAF for the fire victims to rebuild their lifestyle and their homes.

WOAF is the organization of The Ventura County Fire Department Widows, Orphans & Assistance Fund.

Mountain fire
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