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The Three Patriarchs in the White Era

Shimu (64th Patriarch)

Sun, Hui-Ming

Shimu, the 64th Patriarch, was also know as Sun, Hui-Ming.   She was born in 1895 in Shan County, Sandong Province, China.   Her family culture taught her into a virtuous lady with filial piety.  Shimu was a celibate cultivator and dedicated her life to propagate Tao.  She had great compassion for all living beings, and had made great sacrifices to help others.


In 1930, God mandated Zhang, Tian-Ran and Sun, Hui-Ming to be the 64th Matriarch. They concurrently received the Heavenly Decree to propagate Tao and continued the Lineage of Tao.  This nominal union signifies the equality between the genders and allows both men and women to receive the Tao, to cultivate the Tao as a family.  Being a celibate, Shimu endured many slander, but she continued on the mission to spread Tao.    

After Patriarch Zhang passed away in 1947, Shimu continued the holy mission of saving the living beings of the Three Realms. In 1949, Patriarch Sun went to Hong Kong because of the communist takeover of mainland China.   Later, she relocated to Taiwan in 1954 and lived in seclusion. Around that time, many of the Tao disciples encountered difficulties in the propagation of Tao. Hence, Shimu vowed to help these disciples by confining herself to a small room in exchange of propagation of Tao with less difficulties and obstacles. Her virtue and sincerity indeed helped those disciples in tribulation .  Eventually, the disciples spread the Great Tao from Taiwan and now all over the world.

Shimu passed away at the age of 81, in 1975.  Lao Mu (Lord) bestowed upon her the title "Zhong Hua Holy Mother" after her passing.   Her great virtue and compassion are remembered by Tao disciples all over the world.

Patriarch (63th Patriarch)

Lu, Zhong-Yi​


Patriarch Lu is also known as Jing Gong Patriarch, marks the beginning of the White Era.  His name is Lu, Zhong-Yi.  Born in 1852, in Shandong Province, China.  His father and mother died when he was young.  He lived in poverty with his sister in a shabby cottage.


At the age of 22, due to his financial hardship, he joined the army.   With guidance of diving being, he received Tao from 16th Patriarch Liu, Quing Xu. For many years, following Patriarch Liu, Lu was given labor-intensive work, such as chopping wood, carrying water, cooking, gardening.  

Upon Patriarch Liu's old age, he ask Lao Mu (Lord) the lineage of Tao.  


In 1905, Lao Mu ordained Lu, Zhong-Yi to continue the lineage of Tao.    With the Heavenly Decree, Patriarch Lu propagated Tao from Jining, Sandong(山東濟寧) Province in China. Patriach Lu carried the holy Tao mission during  the last salvation, to spread Tao across for saving the mankind.     

Patriarch Lu passed at the age of 73 on the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month in 1925.  Upon passing, he had white hair with appearance of youthful looking face.

In the following year, 1926, the spirit of Patriarch Lu demonstrated a wondrous miracle by channeling through body of Mr. Young, Chun-Ling for 100 days to give revelations of Maitreya Salvation Sutra and Jing-Gong Sutra

Shizun (64th Patriarch)

Zhang, Tian-Ran


The 64th Patriarch, Zhang, Tian-Ran, was born in Ching Dynasty, in 1889, in Jining, Shandong Province, China.  Upon his birth, a holy Temple nearby was on fire, the sky was filled with cloud with reddish-orange, and the Yellow River went clear.  All phenomenons signified the birth of a sage.   Shizun had unique facial features: board facial structure, wide forehead, and double pupils.  As a child prodigy, he was, humble, polite, and willing to learn everything. 


In 1916, he met Mr. Kern and received Tao.   Afterward, he practiced and cultivated Tao sincerely.  Upon Mr. Kern passed in 1920, he continued to practice Tao and followed  Patriarch Lu (63 Patriarch).    In 1925, Patriarch Lu passed.  1930 Lao Mu (Lord) ordained Shizun and Shimu to continue the lineage of Tao.  


To carrying the great Tao mission for the Last Salvation, Shizun and Shimu both endured many hardships and slanders.   By 1945, Tao had been wide spread in China.  The following year, Shizun moved to Chengdu (成都) for the fellows invited him to propagate Tao in Chengdu.  


In 1947, Shizun passed in Mid-Autumn (15th day of the 8th lunar month).  Upon his return to heaven, Lao Mu (Lord) bestowed him a holy title:  Tian-ran Gu Fo (Tianran Buddha).   All of us need to cultivate the Tao with the strong will to be heart-to-heart with Shizun, seeking to reach his high virtues, and nurturing the Heavenly mission forever.

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